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Straw Hat Crew
Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is a young boy who wishes to become a pirate. Luffy greatly admires Shanks, the leader of a gang of pirates staying in his town, but one day he accidentally eats their spoil of battle, a "Devil Fruit". The fruit's effect made it so that Luffy could never swim for the rest of his entire life, but his body also obtained the mysterious power to move like it was rubber! However, immediately after that, he angered Shanks' enemies, the bandits, and was tossed into the water in the middle of the sea. As he was drowning a monster attacked Luffy, but in a split-second Shanks was there to save him! Ten years later, using Shanks' straw hat as his trademark, Luffy set out for sea. His great journey to become a pirate had begun.

Searching for companions, the exultant Luffy has set off towards the "Grand Line" with his first crew mate, "Pirate Hunter Zoro". But, along the way, they became involved in a fight between the Buggy pirate crew and Nami, the Pirate Thief. Luffy, who realizes that Nami has excellent navigation skills and knows that Buggy holds a map to the Grand Line, decides to face off against the Buggy crew! After defeating the Buggy crew's second-in-command and chief of staff, he and Zoro finally face off against Buggy! But Buggy also has Devil Fruit powers, and he seems to have known Shanks....

Luffy was born on Oushi Island, and has an older brother named Portgas D. Ace, who is also a pirate. His father, Monkey D. Dragon, is also a famous pirate, and is supposedly the called the world's worst criminal. Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp is Luffy's grandfather.

Shanks nicknames Luffy "Anchor" when he is a child. He calls him this to tease him about not being able to swim even before he eats the Devils fruit.

Name Monkey D. Luffy
Alias Straw-Hat
• • • Rubber-Man
• • • Anchor (by Shanks)

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 17 years old (source: manga vol. 4, chapter 27) (born May 5)

Hair Black
Eyes Black
Height 5'6" (source: English manga, volume 10)

Weight 141.1 lbs
Status Captain of the Straw Pirate fleet
Quote "My name is Luffy, and I'm going to be king of the pirates!"
Voice Erica Schroder (as Bella Hudson), Tara Jayne (child Luffy) (4Kids)

• • • Colleen Clinkenbeard (FUNimation)

Roronoa Zolo
Back in his homeland, the young Roronoa Zolo had been somewhat of a troublemaker until he decided to cause trouble in a kendo school. He dared to challenge someone from the school to a kendo duel. If he won, he'd steal their school sign. If he lost, he'd become a student. However, he didn't count on two things. First, his challenger was a girl named Kuina. Second, despite choosing to fight with two swords, he lost to her.
It was the beginning of an intense rivalry. Zolo began to train like mad, and every day he'd try once again to beat Kuina. 2000 times he tried, and 2000 times he failed. Finally, for their 2001st (and last duel), the two agreed to fight a duel with real swords. Though Kuina once again bested Zolo, Kuina's heart was just not into it anymore. She was emerging into adolescence, and the traditions of their village prevented her from taking up her father's leadership of the dojo (in fact, it had been Zolo's constant challenges that had kept her going as far as she had). Zolo refused to accept that, and the two agreed to continue training to become the best swordmaster in the world.
However, Kuina's dream was cut tragically short not long after, even as Zolo had begun to work on a means of wielding a third sword in his mouth. After Kuina's could no longer fight (she died in the manga and Japanese version of the anime, and was severely injured in the 4Kids American dubbed version of the anime), he asked for (and received) Kuina's sword as a gesture to continue the dream they both had, so she could become stronger through him. He keeps her memory alive each time he wields this third sword between his teeth. After many more years of training, Zolo finally set out to prove his worth against the world.
Zolo soon amassed a fearsome reputation. Originally part of a small gang of pirate hunters, he became separated. By a strange turn of events, he happened to tick off the spoiled son of a rogue naval captain named "AxeHand" Morgan, when the man sicked his rabid wolf in a bar for kicks and Zolo attacked it to save a little girl. Morgan's son threatened to destroy the village if Zolo wouldn't be his prisoner for a month.
But it turned out Morgan's son was as dishonorable as his old man and intended to have Zolo executed. It is at this point, three days before Zolo's time was up, that Luffy showed up, looking for the famous pirate hunter. In exchange for his swords and his freedom, Zolo agreed to be part of Luffy's crew. The two of them proceeded to clean house, freeing the people from Morgan's reign of terror (much to his Naval officers' enjoyment), and the rest is history.
Zolo will not let anything interfere with his quest to become the best swordsman in the world. Luffy doesn't mind it and in fact encourages it. After all, it's only fitting that the Pirate King have the best swordsman by his side. But in that, Zolo can do some odd things. He tends to ignore pain and wounds when he's engaged in a fight (he's in his fighting mode when his black bandanna tops his head). He will never turn down a challenge by another swordsman, and he'll push himself to the limit.
When the bandanna is on his arm and he's resting, though, he can be remarkably lazy. He's been known to take naps at all sorts of strange times and places.
Eventually in the series, Zolo learns a technique called the Lion's Requiem, which can cut through anything that breaths. And according to the anime, almost everything, even metal, breaths in a way, allowing him to cut through almost anything. It is his most well known technique.
Zolor was born on Sasori Island.
Name Roronoa Zolo
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 19 years old (source: manga vol. 4, chapter 27) (born November 11)
Hair Green
Eyes Black
Height 5'9" (source: English manga, volume 10)
Status Swordsman
Voice Marc Diraison (4Kids)
• • • Christoper R. Sabat (FUNimation)

Nami was a girl whose childhood is filled with dark memories of pirate pillage and plunder. She, along with an older girl named Nojiko, were raised by a female former Marine named Belle-Mère (or Bellemare) until the village where they were living (Cocoyashi Village) was ravaged by Merman pirates led by Arlong. Arlong made each adult pay 100,000 berries and each child pay 50,000 berries. In Nami's family there were three people, Bellemere had to pay 100,000, and Nami and Nojiko had to pay 50,000 each bringing the total to 200,000 berries. Belle-Mère paid for the children, but didn't have enough left over for herself, and was thus killed.
Arlong then forced Nami to work for him when her natural talent for cartography was discovered. Therefore, Nami made a deal with Arlong: She'll help him only if she can buy Cocoyashi Village from him. Arlong agreed and made Nami a member of his crew. She carried the mark of Arlong's crew on her left shoulder (normally covered by her shirt) to seal the deal. After that, she sought out filthy, greedy pirates and took their ill-gotten loot and buried it at her hometown until she had the amount needed.
But when she met Luffy, he and others proved to be her lone exception, simply because they weren't typical pirates. She and Luffy briefly crossed paths several times while Nami in the middle of her capers, but it isn't until their coincidental encounter with Buggy that they formally introduced themselves. It's also when Nami discovers just how different Luffy is, and not simply because he's a rubber man. For one thing, he seemed to have a purpose in life other than to steal and rob. He had a definite sense of honor and courage...and he actually saved her life. Grudgingly, she agreed to a loose alliance (as she put it) with Luffy's crew and to supply her much-needed navigation skills in Luffy's quest for the Grand Line. Besides, it'll do two other things for her. First, traveling will give her more chances to make more maps. Second, she'll probably run into more pirates and more loot to steal.
She later ditched Luffy and gang once she had the amount needed, but she was devastated after she learned Arlong had no reason to keep his word when he revealed the location of her loot to corrupt Naval officer Nezumi. But Luffy and the other helped liberate Cocoyashi and Nami rejoins the gang for the long run. Though Nami prefers to use her wits and stealth to steal her way to the top, she isn't defenseless physically. She carries a staff that's normally strapped to her leg in three pieces. When she needs it, she can whip it out and snap it back together.
Nami lived in Kokoyashi Village.

Name Nami
Alias Nami the Pirate Robber
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 18 years old (born July 3)
Hair Orange
Eyes Dark brown
Height 5'5" (source: English manga, volume 10)
Body 86-57-86 cm
Status Thief, cartographer, navigator
Voice Kerry Williams (4Kids)
• • • Luci Christian (FUNimation)

His gift for storytelling can be used for good- like when he's entertaining Kaya with tales of the high seas- and for bad, like when he wakes up his neighbors, claiming pirates are attacking.
He picks a fight with Klahadore and Kaya tells him to stop.
Usopp has his own little fan club made up of three little boys, one of which is Onion, who comes back screaming when he sees something strange.
Luffy was always with Yasopp, Usopp's father, when he was younger.
When Luffy and Usopp go down to the beach, they see Klahadore and a traveling hypnotist named Django. Klahadore notices Luffy when he stands up and yells "Don't kill Kaya!!!". Django then hypnotises Luffy and tries it with Usopp as well, but Usopp ducks leaving Luffy a target. Luffy was sent to a deep sleep and fell off a cliff.
Usopp was born on Obitsuji Island. His name derived from the story "Isoppu" (Boy Who Cried Wolf) and the word "uso" meaning "liar". His appearance is supposed to be like Pinnochio (nose grows long if you lie).
Name Usopp
• • •
Alias Tell Tale Man
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 17 years old (source: manga vol. 4, chapter 27) (born April 1)
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Height 5'7" (source: English manga, volume 10)
Status Yasopp's son, Ship's sharpshooter and painter
Quote "I came to tell some stories to cheer you up!"
Voice Jason Anthony Griffith (4Kids)
• • • Sonny Strait (FUNimation)

Sanji is a sympathetic cook. He used to work in the restaurant Baratie (in the middle of the East Blue sea) before Luffy asked him to join their pirate adventures. Now Sanji is a part of their crew.
He was raised by a captain pirate called Red-Legged Zeff. When Sanji was 10, he and Zeff were deserted on a small island, forcing them to live for three months without any food supplies (Zeff's ship was destroyed by a huge storm at night). In the first minute they were deserted, Zeff gave little Sanji some food. But Zeff also had a big sack with him that he brought to the other side of the island. Sanji accused him of being greedy, of taking all the food for himself.
They waited for help to come, but none came to rescue them. After three months of starvation, Sanji (who was mad and planned to take food from Zeff) went to the other side of the island to see how Zeff was doing. Surprisingly, Zeff was skinny, and looked hungry. What surprised Sanji more, at least in the manga, was that Zeff lost his right leg!! Sanji cried in frustration, "You... you ate your own leg!!?"
However, in both the Japanese and English version of the anime, Zeff hadn't eaten his leg. Zeff actually lost his leg in an accident, when a tidal wave knocked two ships together and his leg got caught. Desperately wanting to save Sanji, he saw an anchor sinking and quickly grabbed it and wrapped it around his leg. The anchor knocked the boats together and freed him, cutting off his leg in the process.
Anyway, then Sanji checked the big sack Zeff had with him. It was filled with gold!! No food, no drink - Sanji was shocked at the fact that Zeff gave him all the food they had instead of keeping it for himself. Zeff told him he did that because they had the same dream: to find Great Blue (a legendary sea). Since that day, Sanji worked for Zeff in the restaurant Baratie as vice-chef.
Sanji likes girls- especially Nami. He protects Nami's tangerine garden on the ship and never lets anyone touch it. He often calls Nami "Nami-swan".
Name Sanji
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 19 years old (source: manga vol. 4, chapter 27) (born March 2)
Hair Golden blonde
Eyes Black
Height 5'8" (source: English manga, volume 10)
Weight 108 lbs
Status Ship's Cook
Voice David Moo (adult), Veronica Taylor (child) (4kids)
• • • Eric Vale (FUNimation)

Tony Tony Chopper was born with a blue nose so his family and herd rejected him. He then ate the Human-Human fruit (Hito-Hito in Japanese) and became even more isolated from the other reindeer. He tried to communicate with the humans of Drum Island (a land of snow) but they shot him, thinking he was the Abominable Snowman. Then a doctor by the name of Dr. Hiriluk, who praised pirates and desired to join a crew himself, took him in. But Hiriluk then became sick and cast Chopper out into the cold not wanting the reindeer to watch him die. When Chopper found out, though, he set off on a journey to find a cure. He saw in a book a mushroom with the skull and crossbones sign next to it. Not realizing what the symbol really meant because of Hiriluk's praising of pirates, he set off to find it.
Doctor Hiriluk was overwhelmed with joy when Chopper brought back the mushroom despite numerous injuries he had acquired (Like a broken horn). He ate the mushroom to please Chopper, knowing that it was actually a deadly poison (just to show his love).
Rather than die from the mushroom's poison, for Chopper's sake, he committed suicide outside Drum Island's castle when King Wapol fled. As his last will, Dr. Kureha, the only doctor who wasn't owned by King Wapol's government, was to take charge of Chopper. She taught him everything she knew about medicine. They lived an isolated life in Drum Castle until Luffy and his crew came along. Chopper had already been naturally distrustful of humans and Sanji and Luffy's shared desire to cook and eat him didn't help. But, impressed by his medical and fighting skills displayed against Wapol's returned army, Luffy decided to put all differences aside and asked (forced) Chopper to join his crew. So Chopper became the crew's doctor (though at the time, Luffy didn't know Chopper was a doctor).
Chopper is a unique character in that he can change form after eating the cursed Hito Hito Fruit. But this also deepens his value, because the berry also turns Chopper's nose blue and he is able to change form to reindeer, reindeer-human (the general form), and a muscular manly deer (the monster). Because of this, he was kicked off his reindeer herd, where his old friend Doctor Hiluluku finds and helps him for one year.
But in the Dolamu Land of Snow, Dr. Hiluluku catches a illness that can only be cured by a special mushroom. Chopper goes on a journey for the mushroom and mistakes a poisonous mushroom for the antidote, which Dr. Hiluluku eats for Chopper's sake and dies.
Chopper was born on Yagi Island.
Name Chopper
Alias Tony Tony Chopper
Race Reindeer-human
Gender Male
Age 15 years old (born December 24)
Hair Light brown fur
Eyes Black
Status Ship's doctor
Voice Lisa Ortiz (4Kids)
• • • Brina Palencia

Nico Robin
Not much is known about Nico Robin. Her mother, Olivia Robin, was an archaeologist and was killed by the Cipher Pol 9 (a top-secret crack navy unit). At age 8, Nico Robin started to study the forbidden Poneglyphs--forbidden because some Poneglyph tablets contain clues to weapons of such terrifying power that it was deemed prudent to have their secrets locked away. She is one of the few people in the world capable of reading Poneglyphs. It was also around this time that it was learned that she had eaten a Cursed Fruit: the Hana Hana Fruit. This gave her the ability to sprout arms and hands out of practically anywhere, be it on a wall or on a person.
Nico's giant of a friend, Jaguar D. Saul, protected her from a fleet of ships that were closing in by throwing them against one another. After the whole incident, the World Government placed the 79,000,000 beri bounty on her head (a bounty probably topped only by those of the Seven Warlords of the Sea), because she escaped from the besieged island, and since she's a Archaeologist studying Poneglyphs, they blamed her for the destruction of the ships and gave her the enormous bounty to make the public more observant of her and turn her in. (Apparently later on in the series it is revealed that the story of the ships being destroyed was fabricated, and the navy was after her because of her ability to read Poneglyphs which hold information about secret weapons.)
In the present day, Robin has considerable skill with her Cursed Fruit power. Some of her nastiest attacks involve sprouting limbs on the enemy's body and then proceeding to contort said enemy in ways best left to the imagination.
When Crocodile formed Baroque Works, he hired Robin as his #1 assistant (thus the alias Miss Sunday/Miss All-Sunday). He needed her knowledge of the Poneglyphs in order to find one of the forbidden weapons--a fabled ship known as Pluton. While working for Baroque Works, she helps Luffy and the Straw Hat crew to escape from Baroque Works when they were being chased, but her intentions are unknown. Eventually, however, she cooperates with Crocodile and helps to capture Vivi, Luffy, and the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Crocodile loses patience with Robin when their search for the forbidden Pluton in Alabasta turns up a blank, and he turns on her.
After Luffy manages to defeat Crocodile, she decides to join Luffy's Straw Hat Pirates as crew archeologist. However, after all she had done as part of Baroque Works, this took more than a little convincing. Naive Luffy was eager to let her join, and a few hints of hidden treasure bribed Nami. Zolo would prove to be the real hardcase, but he ultimately relents, and Nico Robin becomes the 7th member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Besides archeology, Robin also studies the related field of history. This is why she has her suspicion of the connection between Luffy and Gold Roger--Luffy's D middle initial.
Name Nico Robin
Alias Miss Sunday
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 28 years old (source: One Piece: Grand Battle videogame) (born February 6)

Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Height 6'2"
Status Ship's Archaeologist
Voice Veronica Taylor (4Kids)
• • • Stephanie Young (FUNimation)


Buggy the Clown (道化のバギー ,Dōke no Bagī?) is the captain of the Buggy Pirates and was a member of Gold Roger's crew. The power of the Chop-Chop Fruit (バラバラの実 Bara Bara no Mi, lit. fruit of split split) allows him to separate his body parts, control them independent of each other, and levitate them with the exception of his feet. The abilities gained from this fruit also make Buggy immune to attacks from knives or swords; any such attack just separates him into his component parts. During his time in Gold Roger's crew he had a rivalry with Shanks, and he wished to find a treasure lost in the sea. Shanks accidentally forced Buggy to eat the fruit, thus rendering his goal impossible and causing him to completely hate Shanks. Buggy is currently in Impel Down and his crew have abandoned him. He met Luffy during Luffy's attempt to save Portgas D. Ace. Luffy says he'll give him the endpoint to a treasure map if Buggy will help him save Ace. He is voiced by Shigeru Chiba in Japanese media(Toei ep.4). In the English dubs he is voiced by, Brian Zimmerman, for Odex, David Wills for 4Kids ,(4Kids ep.4) and Mike McFarland for Funimation.

Buggy's first mate is Mohji (モージ ,Mōji?) the animal tamer with his large pet lion, Richie (リチー ,Richī?), and his second mate is Cabaji (カバジ ,Kabaji?), an acrobatics using swordsman. The former captain, Alvida (アルビダ ,Arubida?), joins Buggy after being defeated by Luffy. Though formerly obese, she gains the power of the Slip-Slip Fruit (スベスベの実, Sube Sube no Mi), which makes her thin and allows attacks to easily slip off her. She is named after the Scandinavian female pirate Awilda.(ev6 p124)

[edit] Kuro
Kuro (クロ, Kuro), known as "Kuro of the Thousand Plan" for his elaborate plans that virtually never failed and earned him a 16 million berri bounty on his head. Before the events in the story, he was the captain of the Black Cat Pirates, a crew of men dressed in a cat-themed way, including Jango with the striped appendage on his chin that resembles the beard of an Egyptian pharaoh, where in ancient Egypt cats were worshiped, making his initial appearance as his former first mate and successor as captain, as well as the ship-guardians, the slender figured Siam and his fat partner Butchie, who both fight with cat-like claw gloves. Kuro himself uses a set of similar gloves, but with long uncurved, single edged blades for the claws. Wearing these he adopted his signature habit of moving his constantly slipping glasses back in place using the palm of his hand. After faking his own death by sacrificing one of his men and the aid of Jango's hypnosis, he leaves the crew to spend three years on Usopp's home island gaining the trust of the people and in service of a wealthy family. His plan being to inherit the families wealth and a peaceful life by killing Kaya, its daughter and only remaining member, after forcing her to sign a will in his favor, and passing the murder off as the doing of his former crew. But just in time the freshly formed Straw Hat Pirates arrive to thwart his evil plan by preventing Jango and his men from raiding Usopp's home village. In Japanese media he is voiced by Kōichi Hashimoto,(Toei ep.9). In the English dubs, he is voiced by, Gary Mack for 4Kids,(4Kids ep.9) and Kent Williams in the Funimation English dub.

[edit] Don Krieg
Commodore Don Krieg (首領・クリーク ,Shuryō Don Kurīku?) is a (militarily) powerful pirate, denoted by the 17 million berri bounty on his head. Krieg is well known for underhanded tactics; when he was first starting out as a pirate, he stole a Navy ship and under the disguise of a navy flag, approached towns without suspicion. He does not care for his crew and bullies them to fear and obey him as their captain; he punishes those who fail him and those who show weakness, not even stopping for his first mate Gin, who had proven himself more loyal than any other member of his crew. He wears a gilded suit of steel armor, that is filled with hidden weapons. Krieg means "war" in German, alluding to Don Krieg's massive naval fleet and numerous personal weaponry.(ev18 p166) He is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki in Japanese media,(Toei ep.21) Marc Thompson in the 4Kids English dub,(4Kids ep.20) and Andy Mullins in the Funimation English dub.

[edit] Arlong
Arlong (アーロン, Āron) is a feared and ruthless pirate captain, with a bounty of 20 million beli on his head. The Sawshark Fishman and his crew were members of Jimbei's pirate crew, before Jimbei joined the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He is a racist, considering humans to be inferior to Fishmen. Though there are humans he considers to be exceptions, such as the corrupt Navy captain Nezumi, and money-loving Nami. For he values money very high, so high in fact, that he prides himself with never breaking a promise, if it involves money. He is voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi in Japanese media, David Wills in the 4Kids English dub, and Chris Rager in the Funimation English dub.

[edit] Smoker
Smoker (スモーカー, Sumōkā, Chaser in the 4Kids dub) is a Marine officer originally stationed in Loguetown as a Captain. Smoker is a cigar enthusiast, keeping plenty of cigars strapped to the left side of his jacket while smoking two lit ones in his mouth. Smoker has the powers of the Plume-Plume Fruit (モクモクの実 Moku Moku no Mi, lit. fruit of billow billow, Smoke-Smoke Fruit in the 4Kids dub), a Logia-type Devil Fruit which gives him the power to manipulate, create, control and transform into smoke. Because 4kids T.V. will not allow smoking in their broadcast version, Smoker's cigars were edited out of the anime. This gives the appearance of smoke constantly issuing from his mouth. He is first voiced by Ginzō Matsuo in Japanese media. After Ginzō's death, Mahito Ōba took over. Scottie Ray voiced him in the 4Kids English dub and Greg Dulcie in the Funimation English dub.

[edit] Tashigi
Tashigi (たしぎ ,Tashigi?) is a Marine officer and Smoker's second in command. She is first introduced, at the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer, when the Straw Hat Pirates dock in Loguetown. While adept at sword fighting, she is unusually clumsy, almost stabbing herself accidentally with her own sword on one occasion. She is also very well-versed in the famous katana, knowing their names and origins. Her stated goal is to remove all Meitō, named swords with prestigious histories, from the hands of those who would use them for their own ends. After meeting Zoro she set out to sea with Smoker, chasing after him and the rest of the Straw Hat crew. She bears a striking resemblance to Kuina, Zoro's deceased childhood friend and rival, if she were older, something he is uncomfortable with. She is voiced by Junko Noda in Japanese media, Priscilla Everett in the 4Kids English dub and by Monica Rial in the Funimation Dub.

[edit] Wapol
King Wapol is the former ruler of the Drum Empire, later renamed Sakura Kingdom. He ate the Munch-Munch Fruit (バクバクの実 Baku Baku no Mi, lit. fruit of chomp chomp), which granted him the ability to eat virtually anything and take on its properties. He brags a lot about being the king of Drum Island. His closest underlings are Chess, who is a skilled archer and Kuromarimo, who's fighting style revolves around throwing parts of his afro hair-cut. Wapol is voiced by Bin Shimada in Japanese media(Toei ep.79) and by Matt Hoverman and Sean Schemmel in the 4Kids English dub.

[edit] Sir Crocodile
Sir Crocodile (サー・クロコダイル ,Sā Kurokodairu?) is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea,(ch113 ev13 p??) and unbeknown to the World Government,(ch169 ev19 p??) the leader of his very own criminal organization called Baroque Works,(ch113 ev13 p??) under the codename "Mr. 0".(ch127 ev15 p??) He ate the Sand-Sand Fruit (スナスナの実 Suna Suna no Mi),which allows him to manipulate sand,(ch170 ev19 p??) abosorb moisture with his right hand,(ch201 jv22 p??) and as long as he is not wet, he can turn his body into sand.(ch199 jv22 p??) He has a large golden alloy hook in place of a left hand,(ch160 ev18 p??) that contains a potent poison.(ch204 jv22 p??) After his defeat, he is stripped of his Warlord status,(ch211 jv23 p??) and sent to the great government prison, Impel Down.(ch413 jv43 p??) Crocodile is voiced by Ryūzaburō Ōtomo in Japanese media,(Toei ep.76) Michael Alston Baley in the 4Kids English dub,(4Kids ep.59) and John Swasey in the Funimation dub.

Crocodile used Baroque Works as an undercover criminal organization built up of various agents. Their purpose is to cause a civil war within Arabasta using manipulation and to collect funds from the bounties of pirates to lead to a takeover of Arabasta and Crocodile's ultimate goal, obtaining the ancient weapon Pluton. The main agents in Baroque Works are given code names with male agents being named by number and female agents being named after weekdays or holidays. Lower officers, "Billions" and "Millions" support the higher ranking agents.

Crocodile, as Mr. 0, acts as the president, and Nico Robin, as Miss All Sunday, acts as the vice president. Das Bones (ダズ・ボーネス ,Dazu Bōnesu?), also known as Mr. 1, ate the Dice-Dice Fruit (スパスパの実 Supa Supa no Mi), which gives him the ability to turn any part of his body into a steel blade. He works with Miss Doublefinger (フィンガー ,Misu Daburufingā?), who has the ability to create elongated spikes from her body. Mr. 2 Bon Clay works by himself. Mr. 3 has the ability to create and manipulate wax. His partner, Miss Goldenweek (ミス・ゴールデンウィーク ,Misu Gōruden Wīku?), has the ability to manipulate emotions using "Color Traps." Mr. 4, a man with a large four ton bat owns Lassoo, a gun infused the power of a Devil Fruit, allowing it to turn into a dog. His partner, Miss Merry Christmas (ミス・メリークリスマス ,Misu Merī Kurisumasu?), has the ability to turn into a mole or a mole-human hybrid. Mr. 5 has the ability to cause an explosion with any part of his body, and his partner Miss Valentine (ミス・バレンタイン ,Misu Barentain?) has the ability to change her weight at will. Mr. 13, an otter armed with clawed gloves and his partner the vulture Miss Friday, also called the Unluckies, serve as messengers and punishers.

Currently, he is in Impel Down and on the same level as Ace. Though he was only partly shown while saying it, he is one of the many people who would jump at the chance to take down Whitebeard. [6]

[edit] Blackbeard
Marshall D. Teach (マーシャル・D・ティーチ ,Māsharu D. Tīchi?), better known as Blackbeard (黒ひげ ,Kurohige?) is modeled and named after the infamous pirate Edward Teach(jv49 p??) and is a former member of the Whitebeard's pirates. The Dark-Dark Fruit (ヤミヤミの実 Yami Yami no Mi) granted Teach the ability to create and control gravity fields, which is represented as a flowing "darkness". He is pursued by Ace for killing a fellow crew mate of theirs from whom he stole the Devil Fruit he ate. After beating Ace, he turns him in to the World Government and is appointed the replacement for Sir Crocodile as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Blackbeard is voiced by Akio Ohtsuka in all Japanese media and by Cole Brown in the Funimation English dub.

Blackbeard's crew is made up of Jesus Burgess (ジーザス・バージェス ,Jīzasu Bājesu?, G. Zass Burgess in the English anime), a very strong man who wears a wrestling mask, Van Auger (ヴァン・オーガー ,Van Ōgā?, Van Ogre in the English anime), a sharpshooter nicknamed "The Supersonic", Doc Q (ドクQ ,Doku Kyū?), a sickly doctor nicknamed the "God of Death" who rides on a sickly horse named Stronger, and Lafitte (ラフィット ,Rafitto?, Raffit in the English anime), a pale man who constantly tap dances.

[edit] Bartholomew Kuma
Bartholomew Kuma (バーソロミュー・くま ,Bāsoromyū Kuma?) is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Kuma is said to be the only Seven Warlords member truly obedient to the World Government;(ch474 jv49 p??) though he also holds the nickname, Kuma the Tyrant because of the various atrocities he has committed. He has the powers of the Paw-Paw Fruit (ニキュニキュの実 Nikyu Nikyu no Mi), which allow him to repel or reflect anything he touches with his hands. While he can repel attacks and objects, he can also form projectiles made of air and absorb abstract concepts such as pain and fatigue, leaving a person refreshed. He also has the ability to repulse people as they are flying through the air to an unknown destination, often after asking them where they want to travel. Kuma is the model for "Pacifista", a class of experimental cyborgs, created by the Navy scientist, Doctor Vegapunk. Their bodies are made of a substance harder than steel and he can shoot laser beams copied from Kizaru's fruit abilities. He is voiced by Hideyuki Hori in Japanese media.

[edit] Eneru
エネル (Eneru ?) is a Logia-type Devil Fruit user with the ability to manipulate, absorb, generate and transform into electricity. Using this power, combined with his strong Mantra, the ability to predict a being's movement and to sense any being's position within a certain range, he conquered Upper Yard and Sky Island, where he lets himself be worshiped like a god. As such, he introduces himself with: "Ware ga kaminari",(ch254 jv27 p??) which can be translated to both, "I am lightning" or "I am god". His earlobes are overly long, reminiscent of some depictions of Buddha, reaching down to his free chest, which in turn, along with his wide pants and drums on his back, cause the character to be remarkably resembling of Raijin, a god of thunder and lightning in Japanese mythology. Eneru is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa in the Japanese media, Wayne Grayson in the 4Kids English dub, and J. Michael Tatum in the Funimation English dub.

Among Eneru's followers, the most prominent are the four priests, who like him can make use of Mantra. Satori of the Forest (森のサトリ, Mori no Satori) is the first of them to encounter the Straw Hats. He fights using cloud spheres with effects, from explosions and shooting blades to singing birds and flowers and an Impact Dial, which absorbs the force of an attack and releases it back at the attacker. "Skyrider" Shura (スカイライダー・シュラ, Sukairaidā Shura) is the second priest. He tangles his enemies in nearly-invisible, but durable string and attacks with his burning lance. He rides Fuza, a firebreathing, flying monster bird. "Sky Boss" Gedatsu (空番長ゲダツ, Kūbanchō Gedatsu, romanized as Gedatz in the English dub), is the third priest, who punishes criminals with the Ordeal of Swamp. "Gedatsu" (解脱) is the Japanese word for Moksha, which in Hindu and Buddhist tradition is the liberation of the soul. He can create dense clouds from his hands that his opponents drown in. He also has a Jet Dial attached to his arm, giving him a very fast and powerful punch, and Milky Dials in his shoes that allow him to fly. "Skybreeder" Ohm (スカイブリーダー・オーム, Sukaiburīdā Ōmu) the fourth priest is named for the sacred syllable "Aum". He constantly laments about the life of his opponents and says he'll save them by killing them. In battle, he fights with traps, he shoots barbed wire, has a shape-shifting sword, and rides on Holy (ホーリー Hōrī), his huge, pale yellow dog, that he taught to box.

There is some debate about the proper Romanization of Eneru's name, with the most common variants being "Enel" (from most Japanese merchandise), "Ener" (from the assumption that his name comes from "Energy") and the official romanization that FUNimation uses, "Eneru".

[edit] Foxy
"Foxy the Silver Fox" (銀ギツネのフォクシー Gin-gitsune no Fokushī) is the captain of his pirate crew with a 24 million beli bounty. He is a cheater and trickster. Though he acts supremely confident most of the time, he is extremely sensitive to insults or criticism, which is used as a running gag. Whenever someone insults him he will fall to his knees while his closest crewmates Porche and Hamburg, if present, will cheer him up or laugh about him, respectively. Foxy ate the Slow-Slow Fruit (ノロノロの実 Noro Noro no Mi) and gained the ability to fire microscopic particles that can slow down his enemies or other objects. He is voiced by Bin Shimada in the Japanese media.

[edit] Aokiji
Aokiji, the "Blue Pheasant" (青キジ), was known as Kuzan prior to his promotion to Admiral. One of the Vice-Admirals present at the destruction of Ohara, he is responsible for letting Nico Robin go free at that time. Aokiji is known for being lazy, as he spends a lot of his time sleeping or lying down. He possesses the power of the Cold-Cold Fruit (ヒエヒエの実 Hie Hie no Mi), a logia-type Devil Fruit power which allows him to manipulate, generate, absorb, and transform ice. Those frozen by him are severely hurt but won't necessarily perish assuming the frozen body parts are thawed carefully. In combat, he has effortlessly taken out Luffy, Zoro and Sanji with a single attack. He is also shown riding a bicycle across water by freezing a small portion of the water at a time. He's a part of the World Government's "Greatest Powers", and is one of the three strongest individuals in service of the World Government, along with Akainu (赤犬 ,lit. "Red Dog"?) and Kizaru (黄猿 ,lit. "Yellow Monkey"?). He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu in the Japanese media and by Bob Carter in the Funimation English dub.

[edit] Cipher Pol No. 9

Left to right: Blueno, Fukurou, Spandam, Kaku, Rob Lucci, Jyabura, Kalifa and KumadoriCipher Pol No. 9 is the secret unit of Cipher Pol, which specializes in assassination utilizing a martial art called Rokushiki. It is lead by Spandam (スパンダム ,Supandamu?), the former leader of CP5 obsessed with rising up through the ranks of the world government. He owns a sword named Funk Freed (ファンクフリード ,Fankufurīdo?), which has the Devil Fruit ability to transform into an elephant. The next in command is Rob Lucci (ロブ・ルッチ ,Robu Rucchi?), a man known for ruthlessly and mercilessly enforcing the justice of the World Government. He ate the Cat-Cat Fruit, Model: Leopard (ネコネコの実 モデル:レオパルド Neko Neko no Mi Moderu: Reoparudo), which allows him to turn into a huge leopard-human hybrid and a full leopard. Always around him is his pigeon Hattori (ハットリ ,Hattori?). Spandam is voiced by Masaya Onosaka in Japanese media and Kent Williams in English media. Rob Lucci is voiced by Tomokazu Seki in Japanese media and Jason Liebrecht in English media.

Kaku (カク ,Kaku?) is a skilled swordsman with a long square nose. During the course of the story, he eats the Ox-Ox Fruit, Model: Giraffe (ウシウシの実 モデル:ジラフ Ushi Ushi no Mi Moderu: Jirafu, lit. fruit of cow cow model: giraffe), which grants him the ability to transform into a giraffe or a giraffe-man hybrid. Jyabura (ジャブラ ?) is a man who uses deceptive and cruel tactics in battle. A Devil Fruit gave him the power to change into a full wolf and a human-wolf hybrid. Blueno (ブルーノ ,Burūno?) is a large man with the fruit powers to create doors between any two visible areas and "air doors" that lead to a separate dimension. Kumadori (クマドリ ,Kumadori?) is a man who resembles a kabuki actor and uses an ability call "Life Return" to control every cell in his body. Kalifa (カリファ ,Karifa?) is a calm and collected woman who claims even the slightest comment to be sexual harassment. She gains a Devil Fruit power, which allows her to create cleansing bubbles that are capable of "cleaning off" a person's energy and turning them into slippery mannequins. Fukurou (フクロウ ,Fukurou?) is an oddly-shaped man with a zipper across his mouth, which has to be open in order for him to speak.

[edit] Gecko Moria
Gecko Moria (ゲッコー・モリア ,Gekkō Moria?) is the captain of the island sized ship, Thriller Bark, and one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.(ch.448 vol.46j p.??) The Shadow-Shadow Fruit (カゲカゲの実 Kage Kage no Mi) he ate granted him the ability to control his shadow, allowing it to act completely independent from his body,(ch.463 vol.48j p.??) and to control the shadows of others.(ch.455 vol.47j p.??) Because his last crew was entirely annihilated in the New World,(ch.481 vol.49j p.??) he creates a completely obedient, immortal army of zombies by implanting stolen shadows into corpses,(ch.457 vol.47j p.??) patched up using the talents of the medical genius Doktor Hogback (ドクトル・ホグバック ,Dokutoru Hogubakku?).(ch.449 vol.46j p.??) Moria is voiced by Katsuhisa Hōki in Japanese media.

Hundreds of zombies make up the crew of Thriller Bark, the number of which grows even further, as Moria uses Luffy's shadow to revive the body of Oz (オーズ ,Ōzu?), an extremely large giant who conquered various countries and islands five hundred years before the series. Moria also has Perona (ペローナ ?) and Absalom of the Graveyard (墓場のアブサロム ,Hakaba no Abusaromu?) under his command. Perona is a woman with the power of the Hollow-Hollow Fruit (ホロホロの実 Horo Horo no Mi), allowing her to create various ghosts that can either explode upon command or cause severe depression in an opponent. Absalom is a man augmented by Hogback with various animal parts, whose Devil Fruit ability allows him to turn himself and anything he touches invisible.

[edit] Major Allies

[edit] Silvers Rayleigh
"Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh (シルバーズ・レイリー ,Shirubāzu Reirī?), also known as "The Pirate King's Right Hand", is the former first mate of the Roger Pirates. As such, he made his first appearance in a flashback, scolding Buggy and Shanks.(ch.19 vol.3j p.34)(vol.49j p.??) He has settled down and works as a coating mechanic on the Shabondy Archipelago.(ch.500 vol.51j p.??) Like Shanks, Silvers has a strong Haki (覇気 ?, lit. ambition), a so far unexplained ability that can, among other things, make weak people pass out. He can aim it at mulitple targets in his vicinity.(ch.503 vol.52j p.??) Rayleigh admits that the former Roger Pirates know of what happened during the Blank Century.(ch.507 vol.52j p.??) He has been friends with Hatchan for twenty years, ever since he was saved by him, when he was cast away at sea.(ch.506 vol.52j p.??) He is voiced by Keiichi Sonobe.

[edit] Hatchan
Hatchan (はっちゃん ,Hacchan?) is an octopus-fishman and first introduced as a member of Arlong's pirate crew.(ch.73 vol.9j p.30) Like all Fishmen, he has ten times the strength of a human, can breath underwater, and swim very fast.[citation needed] Being half octopus, he can spit large quantities of black ink(ch.83 vol.10j p.30-31) or use his suction pads to stick to walls.(ch.84 vol.10j p.55) Additionally, he fights using six swords, holding one in each arm-tentacle.(ch.84 vol.10j p.63) After Arlong and his crew are defeated and captured by the navy, Hatchan escapes and opens a floating takoyaki restaurant.(ch.182 vol.20j p.107)(ch.228 vol.25j p.27) He becomes close friends with Caimie. He constantly rescues Camie from various large Sea Kings, as she had a tendency to be eaten by them, and slave traders who constantly attempt to abduct her due to the value of mermaids. He later reconciles with the Straw Hats,[citation needed] and brings them in contact with Silvers Rayleigh, with whom he became friends after saving him, when he was castaway at sea.(ch.506 vol.52j p.??) He is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa in Japanese media, Sean Schemmel in the 4Kids English dub, and George Manley in the Funimation dub.

[edit] Caimie
Caimie (ケイミー ,Keimī?) is a mermaid that first appeared in the Hatchan's Sea-Floor Stroll mini-series. She first appears after being spat out of a large sea boar that was saved by Hatchan, along with her starfish pet and master, Pappug. She is one of the only two female Merfolk featured so far in the series, the other being Kokoro. Caimie is young mermaid who is generally seen wearing a t-shirt and carrying a backpack. The t-shirt she is usually seen wearing in particular is of the same fashion brand, Criminal, her master Pappug designs. She is at least younger than thirty years as her tail has yet to be split into two.(ch424 jv44 p??) She is specifically a Kissing gourami mermaid and as a reference to the type of fish she is, she always expresses a very distinct facefault whenever she is shocked by something. Whenever she expresses shock, along with her eyes typically popping out as commonly seen in manga and anime, her facefault is always expressed with a very wide open mouth that shows her teeth and her tongue is usually seen sticking out in a up and down, zig zag manner. She is voiced by Haruna Ikezawa.

[edit] Nefertari Vivi
Princess Nefertari Vivi (ネフェルタリ・ビビ ,Neferutari Bibi?, romanized as Nefeltari Vivi in the English versions) is the successor to the throne of the desert kingdom Alabasta. She is first introduced as a member of Baroque Works under the codename Miss Wednesday.(ch.103 vol.12j p.79) She infiltrated the organization to uncover the identity of its leader. She tells Luffy, Zoro, and Nami that it is Crocodile and all four of them become the organizations target.(ch.113 vol.13j p.92-96) After the supposed death of her guardian Igaram, up till then only known as Mr. 8, she and her duck companion Carue join up with Luffy and his crew to help her save the country. She soon develops a strong bond with the crew and is tempted to follow them on their adventure but because of her feelings for her country and its people she felt she couldn't leave. Despite not continuing her adventures with the Straw Hat crew, she still feels as if one of the crew, a sentiment shared by the rest of the Straw Hats. She is voiced by Misa Watanabe in the Japanese media,(Toei ep.62) Karen Neil in the 4Kids English dub,(4Kids ep.62) and Caitlin Glass in the Funimation English dub.

[edit] Mr. 2 Bon Clay
Bentham, better known as Mr. 2 Bon Clay (Mr. 2 ボン・クレー ,Misutā Tsū Bon Kurē?), who first appears in Arabasta,(ch154 ev17 p??) is a member of Sir Crocodile's criminal organization Baroque Works.(ch154 ev17 p??) He is an okama (a Japanese slang term for a transvestite).(ch154 ev17 p??) He ate the Clone-Clone Fruit (マネマネの実 Mane Mane no Mi, lit. fruit of copy copy), which gives him the ability to transform into an exact copy of anyone whose face he once touched with his right hand.(ch156 ev18 p??) Bon Clay is the only Officer Agent in Baroque Works without a female partner,(ch155 ev17 p??) because as an okama, he fills both roles by himself.(ev18 p126) Likewise, his name is a composite of a male Baroque Works agent's number and a female agent's holiday, "Bon Kurei", which is the end of the Bon Festival.(ev18 p126) His name was incorrectly spelled "Bon Clay" in the anime and related merchandise, and it stuck with fans. During the "Meeting Baroque Works" cover-story, it is revealed he escaped from prison, but sacrificed himself to save Miss Valentine. During Luffy's prison break, the two meet up, and he agrees to help Luffy reach Level Five to rescue "Fire Fist" Ace, Luffy's brother. During this time his real name was revealed to be Bentham. Bon Clay is voiced by Kazuki Yao in Japanese media, Kevin Kolack in the 4Kids English dub, and by Barry Yandell in the Funimation English dub.

[edit] Boa Hancock
Boa Hancock (ボア・ハンコック ,Boa Hankokku?) is the sole female member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, although she detests the World Government. Hancock rules Amazon Lily and is captain of the Kuja Pirates. She is as cruel as she is beautiful, but the Amazons are entirely devoted to her. It is revealed that she and her sisters were slaves under the World Nobles and were branded with the "Hoof of the Celestial Dragon," which she has hidden from her people ever since. During this time, the World Nobles amused themselves by forcing the sisters to eat Devil Fruits. Hancock consumed the Mero-Mero Fruit (メロメロの実 Mero Mero no Mi, lit. fruit of infatuation), which gave her the ability to charm people and turn them into stone. She and her sisters still bear the brands of slavery on their backs. To conceal their shameful past from their kinswomen, the sisters concocted a story about having defeated a Gorgon, claiming that their strange abilities were the result of the Gorgon's curse, and they had cursed eyes on their backs that would turn anyone who saw them to stone. Her heart was warmed by Luffy's many acts of selflessness, and once she learned that he had dared to strike a World Noble on Sabaody Archipelago, she told Luffy of her past and offered him the use of her ship.

Hancock became ill shortly after, complicating Luffy saving his brother Ace. It is revealed that she is infected with the "virus" that was the cause of death for many of the Empresses before her. The village elder discovers the illness to be "love sickness" after she does not hesitate in accepting the call to Central to help Luffy save Ace despite her fear and loathing of the World Government. She asks Luffy to call her Hancock from then on and stows Luffy away on a marine battleship. She even faints after thinking that Luffy had said he loved her.

Other characters

Gold Roger
Gol D. Roger, better known as Gold Roger, is the man referred to as the Pirate King, the strongest man alive, twenty-two years before the beginning of the series. Suffering from an incurable disease, he decides to make a complete voyage through the Grand Line with his crew. Afterward, he disbands the crew and turns himself over to the World Government, though they lie and state that he was captured.(ch506 jv52 p??) Before he is executed, he states that he left all of his treasure in one piece, and that it is up for the taking. This sets up the age of piracy, with various pirates looking to become the Pirate King by finding the treasure referred to as One Piece. Roger is stated to be fearless, a trait Shanks sees in Luffy, and he is able to listen to "the voice of all things", allowing him to read Poneglyphs that take years for others to decipher.(ch507 jv52 p??) He is voiced by Chikao Ōtsuka in Japanese media, Greg Carey in the 4Kids English dub, and Sean Hennigan in the Funimation English dub.

"Red-Haired" Shanks (赤髪のシャンクス ,Akagami no Shankusu?) is the captain of the Red-Haired Pirates and one of the Yonkou.(ch.432 vol.45j p.35) He is a former member of Gold Roger's crew(ch.506 vol.52j p.??) in which he had a rivalry with Buggy. He and his crew befriend Luffy before the series, and Shanks sacrifices his left arm to save Luffy from a Sea King. He gives Luffy his signature straw hat under the condition that Luffy will return it as a pirate. Shanks also has a very strong will, which he used to intimidate a Sea-king, and knock out the junior members of Whitebeard's crew. Eiichirō Oda believes Shanks is the one character that resembles himself the most out of all the One Piece characters, because of his fun-loving partying nature.(jv24 p106) Shanks is voiced by Shūichi Ikeda in Japanese media, Tom Souhrada in the 4Kids English dub, and Brandon Potter in the Funimation English dub.

Shanks' first mate is Ben Beckman (ベン・ベックマン ,Ben Bekkuman?), who always carries a rifle and a cigarette. Other members include Lucky Roux (ラッキー・ルウ ,Rakkī Ruu?), a fat man who is always eating and claims to be the fastest man alive, and Yasopp (ヤソップ ,Yasoppu?), a gifted sharp-shooter and father of Usopp. The crew is constantly celebrating with food and alcohol whether they are in a town or on a deserted island. Beckman was voiced, originally, by Kazuyuki Sogabe and is currently Aruno Tahara in the Japanese media and by Sean Hennigan in the Funimation dub.

Dracule Mihawk (ジュラキュール・ミホーク ,Jurakyūru Mihōku?), also known as, "Hawk-Eye" Mihawk is the first of the Seven Warlords of the Sea to be introduced and is Roronoa Zoro’s ultimate goal, as he is considered to be the strongest swordsman in the world. The huge scar on the front of Zoro's torso was given to him by Mihawk during their first duel. In the 4Kids dub his sword is edited to not resemble a cross. He is voiced by Takeshi Aono in the Japanese media and by John Gremillion in the Funimation English dub.

Monkey D. Garp
Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp (モンキー・D・ガープ ,Monkī D. Gāpu?), nicknamed "Garp the Fist" (Genkotsu no Gāpu), is the father of Dragon and grandfather of Luffy and Ace.(ch.432 vol.45j p.44-45)(ch525) He is famous for cornering of Gold Roger(ch.431 vol.45j p.24) and considered a hero of the navy.(ch.432 vol.45j p.30) He has superhuman strength, enough to lift and throw cannonballs like baseball pitches, though he admits that he isn't as strong as he was in his youth. He is voiced by Hiroshi Naka in Japanese media.

Garp is the man in charge of both Coby (コビー ,Kobī?) and Helmeppo (ヘルメッポ ,Herumeppo?), whom he takes under his wing in Coby's mini-arc, where Garp makes his first appearance.(ch92 ev11 p??) Coby is a young boy, who is originally forced to act as a cabin boy for a pirate crew until being saved by Luffy. His dream is to become an officer of the Navy in order to catch criminals. Helmeppo is "Axe-Hand" Morgan's spoiled son, who is able to do whatever he pleases until Morgan is defeated. He wishes to catch his father and regain his life of luxury. They do petty work for the Navy until meeting Garp, who trains them to the point where they can use techniques utilized by CP9.

Monkey D. Dragon
Monkey D. Dragon is the son of Garp and father of Luffy and Ace.(ch.432 vol.45j p.44-45)(ch525) Known as the Revolutionary Dragon, he is the world's most wanted criminal, and is one of the several characters given the middle initial "D". He has had his revolutionary ideas spread throughout the world and has taken several nations. He is also the only member of the D. family to look serious, partly due to his strange facial mark. Despite being an enemy to the World Government, he still keeps contact with his father.

Before the start of the series, Dragon left Luffy in Garp's care. Dragon first appears after a lightning bolt suddenly destroys the gallows where Luffy was to be executed by Buggy and then saves Luffy from being captured by Smoker.(ch100 ev12 p??) When he saved Luffy from Smoker, a mighty gust of eerie wind swept through Loguetown. It is undetermined whether or not he was the cause behind the gust of wind or the lightning; however, the story leads one to believe there is more to him than it seems. Recently, he has taken over an island in the South Blue and is about to head to the North Blue when he commented, after noticing Luffy's newest bounty, given to him after invading Enies Lobby, that father and son will meet sometime soon. He is voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata in Japanese media, Dan Green in the 4Kids English dub and Bryan Massey in The Funimation Dub.

Portgas D. Ace
Portgas D. Ace (ポートガス・D・エース - Pōtogasu D. Ēsu, (Portgaz D. Trace in the 4Kids dub, Portgaz D. Ace in the English manga) is the 2nd Division Commander of Whitebeard Pirates and Luffy's older brother. He first appears in the Drum Kingdom, searching for Blackbeard and Luffy.(ch154 ev17 p??) He has the powers of the Flame-Flame Fruit (メラメラの実 Mera Mera no Mi, lit. fruit of crackle crackle, Flare-Flare Fruit in 4Kids dub) which allow him to manipulate, control, absorb, generate, create, and transform into fire. It is due to this that he is given the title "Fire Fist Ace" (火拳のエース Hiken no Ēsu, Trace Heat Fist in the edited dubs). Ace is narcoleptic and falls asleep without warning, making passers-by wonder whether he has dropped dead. Ace's most recognizable features are his tattoos. His back bears the Whitebeard symbol–a skull with a white mustache superimposed over a manji. To eliminate confusion between the Buddhist manji and the Nazi swastika, the manji was changed to crossbones in the animated version and in later chapters of the manga. Ace has another tattoo on his upper left arm that reads "ASCE" with the "S" crossed out. In 4kids dub, the "ASCE" was edited out. He is voiced by Toshio Furukawa in Japanese media,(Toei ep.91) Frank Frankson and Jesse Hooker in the 4Kids English dub,(4Kids ep.95) and Travis Willingham in the Funimation English dub.

In Chapter 440, Ace is finally able to find Blackbeard on Banero Island and fights him. Ace loses the battle and currently is in Impel Down. In Chapter 525 it is revealed that the surname "Portgas" came from Ace and Luffy's mother. Ace rejected having the same blood as his father and thus changed his surname to his mother's as he owes a great debt to her. He also only recognizes Whitebeard as his father.

Donquixote Doflamingo
Donquixote Doflamingo first appears during a meeting between the Seven Warlords and high-ranking World Government officials, where his former bounty is shown to have been 340 million beli. He displays an ability to control others using movements similar to a puppeteer. Doflamingo believes that the "era of dreams", as he is calling the Great Age of Piracy is going to come to an end and is working towards starting a new era, which he said is "soon upon us". He owns a large auction house on the Sabaody Archipelago, where human and people of other species are sold as slaves.(ch.504 vol.52j p.??) At that time he said to Disco that the "new era" is closing in every moment with the battle between the Seven Warlords and the Whitebeard pirates approaching. In the Japanese media, he is voiced there by Hideyuki Tanaka(Toei ep.151) and by Robert McCollum in the Funimation English dub.(Funimation ep.151)

His crew is introduced as the Bellamy Pirates, captained by Bellamy, who in turn is named after Samuel Bellamy.(jv25 p86) Bellamy's Spring-Spring Fruit ability allows him to turn his legs into springs. Using this ability, Bellamy is able to bounce off surfaces in order to gain velocity for his attacks. His first mate, "Big Knife" Sarquiss, believes, just like his captain, that a New Age is coming and laughs at anyone who mentions their dreams. Bellamy is voiced by Wataru Takagi in the Japanese media, by Andrew Rannells in the 4Kids English dub of One Piece: Pirates' Carnival, and by Justin Cook in the Funimation English dub.

Edward Newgate, usually referred to as Whitebeard, is a very large human with an equally large white mustache in the shape of an upward bound crescent moon. He is usually seen attached to medical equipment and surrounded by nurses. He is one of the Yonkou(ch.432 vol.45j p.35) and regarded as the world's strongest pirate.(ch.234 vol.25j p.158–159) Fighting with a bisento as his weapon,(ch.434 vol.45j p.82) he is the only man who was able to match Gold Roger in combat and is the one closest to obtaining his treasure, One Piece.(ch.233 vol.25j p.139) He considers all his crewmen as his sons.(ch.434 vol.45j p.82) His name comes from the real pirate Edward "Blackbeard" Teach.(vol.49j p.???) Whitebeard believes it is impossible to live in the world without humanity and justice.(ch.434 vol.45j p.82) His Whitebeard Pirates are divided into 16 divisions of one hundred men, each led by a high ranking Whitebeard subordinate,[7] one of which is Luffy's elder brother Ace.(ch.157 vol.18e p.45) He is voiced by Kinryu Arimoto in Japanese media(Toei ep.151) and R. Bruce Elliot in the Funimation English dub.(Funimation ep.151)

Jimbei is a yakuza-esque whale shark fishman and the sole member of his species in the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He is the former captain of the all-fishman Fishman Pirates. He has a strong code of honor, and is totally devoted to Whitebeard, whose conquering of Fishman Island united the warring fishmen and brought peace to the area. For refusing to raise a hand against Whitebeard, Jimbei is thrown into the world's greatest prison, Impel Down, to be tortured until he agrees to go to war against piracy.

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 There onced lived a man named Gold Rodger who was king of the pirates. When he found out his days were numbered, he turned himself into the Navy and was executed. He's last words were 'my fortune is your's for the taking, I left every thing I own is One Piece'.

 Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who always wanted to be a pirate had a dream of finding one piece and becoming the king of the pirates. When he reached 17, he left his home to pursue his dream. After gathering most of his crew, he set out for the most funny action-packed adventure of all.


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